I always wanted to see Santana in concert but somehow never was able to. That changed this month when my wife and I were able to see the concert in Edmonton. I really enjoyed my time there. Carlo’s wife, Cheryl, played drums and did a 20 minute solo. She’s in good shape to play those drums the way she did for a lady in her 50’s. Carlo’s looks pretty damn good too, and puts on a good concert. I would go see them again.

Were very lucky to get tickets, specially floor tickets, for the Roger Waters Us + Them concert in Edmonton. It was down right awesome, both musically and visually. Pink Floyd to the core with songs from, Dark side of the moon, The wall, Animals, and Wish you were here. Roger Waters is 72 years old and still rocks.

Andrea and I had a great time. We bought some T-shirts and a book and had lots of fun.

Andrea and I bought a rose in 2007 because it was so beautiful and planted at our place on Irma Road in Kelowna, BC. It kept looking beautiful every year. In 2011 we found an old farm house out by the airport to live and we moved the rose. The roots were twisted into the shitty soil below and it was rough to get out, not a gentle move. However, it thrived once transplanted and looked beautiful every year at our new home on Bulman Road.

We loved the place we lived in. It was out of the city, I put up a shop where I could do some work I love to do, we had a great garden and the rose looked beautiful every year. Our landlord passed away in 2016 and I was sad since he had became a friend as well. In 2017 the City of Kelowna forced the sale of the land to them for future airport expansion and wanted us out of our home in 60 days or less.

We didn’t bother to even look for places to rent in Kelowna because there are so few and if you happened to find one you would pay twice as much as it was worth. So, we moved to Edmonton. I was able to transfer. I could not move much of what I had and lost hundreds of dollars each day I woke up during the move. However, the rose had to move with us. It was dug up on the morning we left. All tools were packed. Gordon used bars and boards to roughly pull it from the ground. It was the last thing in the truck but after the abuse to it we did not believe it would survive.

We put some more dirt in the pot once we got to our new place in Edmonton and trimmed the rose. It did not look good. However, a month later leaves began to grow. I gave it a little fertilizer and in another month a bud appeared and the rose bloomed. It is still a beautiful rose that only wants to live and share its beauty.

rose_survived_800Since the winters are a little colder in Edmonton than in Kelowna, because this rose only wants to survive and grow with us, I built it a new home where it will be in good soil, have protection in the winter and, be able to grow and share it’s life with us.


I have not posted for about 8 months. My life was changed in Kelowna BC and we made a choice to move to Edmonton, Alberta. I am not happy we were disrupted the way we were, forced to move and change our lives but, can’t live in the past so, thinking and feeling positive, moving forward.

Andrea and I went camping just to get out one time before winter sets in. We took Cooper, our 10 month old black lab, to a nice campground at Bellis Lake in the Smokey Lake area NE of Edmonton. Here are some shots of a beautiful and peaceful sunset. Will be going to this area next year as rainbow trout are in some of these lakes.

While we may live close to Kelowna we are far enough out of Kelowna to be able to enjoy a bonfire with the country and horses around us. It’s pretty cold hear for a month with daily highs of -15 and lows in the -20s. It may not sound cold to someone who lives further north or on the Prairies but, in the Okanagan it cold. Here is a few shots of my back yard and a few of the horses we spent some time with, with treats.

horse_eye_420This is a face shot of one horse and if you look in the eye you can see other horses, the barn, the sky, and me taking photo.

backyard_2017_420This my back yard and our old farm house and shop is at the end of this road. Nice place to go for a walk.

The winter is beautiful but I am ready for Spring.

I have been working on the trailer and finishing off work on boat. I am now ready to go fishing when I get back from Alberta, yeah!

Andrea and I are flying to Alberta today to spend some time with Andrea’s family. I will be a great time with a little time to relax. This I am looking forward to. It’s even a more special day since August 16, 2001 was the day my son, Brenden, was born. Brenden life here has passed and he is now in a much better place. Today I remember all our time together and remember all the lessons he had to share. He left us way too soon, he would be 15 today, but as the poem I wrote for him says it all, “He was just a Little Boo with a job to do.” Miss you Brenden. I like to watch Shrek on August 16th each year and I feel you. Today I don’t have time to but I sure feel you. Love you son.

image044image006Visit Brenden’s site at, http://www.littleboo.ca/



Fabricated hitch for trailer ball on the old pickup and ready to pull. When I get back from Alberta will be mounting lights on trailer.

trailer_ball_on_truck_400Let’s go Fishin’

I have been working on the boat for awhile and it is finished, ready for the water.

finished_boat_ff_battery_400The fish finder transducer mount I fabricated for quick and easy setup and removal. If coming into shore two wing nuts remove it to prevent damage. It stores beside rear seat out of the way. To hook back up only takes a few seconds.

finished_boat_400The fish finder is mounted on the front seat and may be turned to view from anywhere in boat. The battery is in a small box under the bow. The battery is connect with small clips. If I need to attach to a large battery I made adapters which have clamps so they may be connected to a regular battery.

The seat may be placed on either bench seat facing either way. Going fishin’ real soon.

Painted the seats, bow, and trim today. Getting ready for the water now.

finished_boat_front_450I will be setting up the trailer towing on the S10 before I go to Alberta next week and the boat will be ready for fishing when I get back.

finished_boat_rear_450The seat may be moved to either seat and face either ways. Let’s go Fishin’