February 2009

Great road trip for the Vancouver Canuck so far. Thanks to the Maple Leaf fans for their standing ovation for Mats Sundin. It was an emotional experience for him and the fans. It was not the Canucks best game but they stayed strong and won the game in the Shootout. Now it’s on to take on the Habs again. I know the Habs don’t want a repeat of the last meeting with the Canucks. I can only say, “stay strong and focused men, you will win if you can do that.”


Brenden Lee Bateman August 16, 2001 – November 27, 2003

After five years since Brenden’s departure from this life on November 27, 2003, I am able to write my story. It is not easy to lose a two year old boy you loved so much, and it is really hard to write about it. I feel he was destined to be here and destined to leave. It is up to me to receive the lessons he offered me. After all, He was just a Littleboo with a Job to Do! The story is located at Dadda’s Story. Have a look. It is a story about a very beautiful soul who loved to share and watch people laugh and Shrek. Anyone who wants to talk to me about this because they are going through a similar loss please email me a, toys@littleboo.ca. Visit his website at: www.littleboo.ca/

Dadda – Ken Bateman

I started this on February 9, 2001. I chose WordPress for the flex and power it has. What I am going to do with it I am not sure yet. Let me work on it. Remember to check out my special websites and see what they stand for.

Ken Bateman