Brenden Lee Bateman August 16, 2001 – November 27, 2003

After five years since Brenden’s departure from this life on November 27, 2003, I am able to write my story. It is not easy to lose a two year old boy you loved so much, and it is really hard to write about it. I feel he was destined to be here and destined to leave. It is up to me to receive the lessons he offered me. After all, He was just a Littleboo with a Job to Do! The story is located at Dadda’s Story. Have a look. It is a story about a very beautiful soul who loved to share and watch people laugh and Shrek. Anyone who wants to talk to me about this because they are going through a similar loss please email me a, toys@littleboo.ca. Visit his website at: www.littleboo.ca/

Dadda – Ken Bateman