Don’t be Fooled on Fool’s Day!


There is lots in the news about the worm(s) which may infect your computer system every year at this time. Is it serious? Yes, it can be. However, remember you always have the best anti-virus, you. No software, just you. The anti-virus software is a secondary measure. If you let a bug, worm, or virus in the front, back, or any door, the anti-virus is not going to be able to help you.

I am not going to be complicated today, I’ll keep it simple. There are tons of websites to check out ways to combat viruses. If you are so incline please check them out. If you just want to be safe without too much hassle then do this. First go to your operating system website for latest updates today, Windows, Linux, or Mac. They are working hard to protect you. It is never 100% but it’s a good start. If your OS does automatic updates then it is already done if your computer is on. The next safest thing to do tonight when you go to bed is, turn off your computer (or disconnect internet line) and leave it off until April 2. If you run it tomorrow, be careful.

From there as always, never click on email links unless you are 100% sure of the sender (and this you can never be). Never open an email attachment from anyone you do not know and scan all attachments with anti-virus from those you do know. Keep your Anti-virus software up to date and running, change the password on your router, take your router out of setup mode. There is lots more I can say but I won’t. Keep it simple, use your head, if unsure then don’t do it. Remember, photo, music, and video, downloads/file sharing can and are bad news. Be careful.