April 2009

Kelowna has beaten the Vancouver Giants 5-4 in overtime today and will now take on the Calgary Hitmen. Who would have guessed one year ago that the Rockets could improve so much in one year. Well, they did.

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Two shutouts in a row for the Kelowna Rockets against the Vancouver Giants. One more win at home tonight and Kelowna will be Rocketing to Calgary to take on the Hitmen. One may think the Hitmen are destined to be the winners of this series but, we shall see. Kelowna is determined and disciplined. Stick with the plan and we shall see.

Bad Order


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It sounds like Pyatt will be back for the next round. May be the best thing for the team and himself.

The Kelowna Rockets have tied the series 2-2 with the Giants


Well, it was a hard fought game four, a few minor injuries, and I am sure everyone is sore. Normally, I would like to see the Canucks go 5 or 6 games since 6-9 days off is a bit much and may be harmful to the outcome of the next series. However, in this case they need some top players back and the rest need to heel. Salo, Sundin, and hopefully Pyatt, will be ready to play smart and tough next series. Playing good solid hockey and you got to love Luongo.

Question: Any recent news on Taylor Pyatt and how he is dealing with this terrible thing which has happened to his wife and his life.?


In some ways I would have liked to see the Canucks play five games instead of 4 since it does not give them so much time off between games. However, with Pyatt out since his wife died in Jamacia, Sundin hurting, along with other sore bodies, maybe this time will be good for them. This is the first time the Canucks have swept a playoff series in 4 straight. If they can stay with the game plan they have now, tune it up a bit, they have a chance to go some distance. Go, Canucks, go!


The first period of the 3rd Canucks vs Blues in St. Louis was loud and the Blues played hard. They fans were crazy. The Blues lead 1-0 at the end of the 1st. Vancouver kept playing its game in spite of all the penalties. It was 2-2 after 2. But, Vancouver just kept playing the game it plays best and owned the 3rd period. They are disciplined and they have Roberto. One more game and it is time to come home. I feel for Taylor Pyatt and wish him all the strength he needs.


The Canucks are playing the game they should be playing. They have the power and the skill and they are finally putting it together…playing their game. One must hand it to the Blues for coming from 15th to 6th place but, it just is not going to be enough to beat the Canucks. I say the Canucks will take it in 5 games. Anyone not agree? Tell me why.


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