April 2009

It has taken me almost five years to write and publish my story of Brenden Lee Bateman, The Littleboo. It was not easy to do and there were times when I had to stop and get away from it. Today I am glad it is done. You are welcome to read my story of this very special soul. Dadda’ Story.

Just spreading the good news about Ububtu Linux operating system. I am using both server and desktop versions on my other computers. I like the desktop version. It is very easy to use and powerful and it is free. There are tons of programs you may download for free too. I use the server version since I am learning and working with PHP and MySQL. I run Windows on my other computers which is great too but, programs usually cost lots. My Office Professional with Frontpage cost me $1000.00. Now I have added Web Expressions for anther $160.00. There are comparable programs available for Linux for free. Anyway, just letting you know there are alternatives which work well too. I you need any help just let me know and I will give you a Bad Order.


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