May 2009


125px-Kelowna_Rockets_logo.svg Yes, it is sad to admit the Canucks went down to the Blackhawks the way they did. They should have won the series. However, Chicago did not quit and that is what took them through. I wish the Blackhawks all the best in the next series.

Now the Rockets are a team to watch and similar to Chicago. No one would have predicted The Rockets taking out the Hitmen and being where they are now. However, they are a team who works together. That will win a game. They won 4-1 over Oceanic first game. Lets see how they do next game on Tuesday.

Bad Order

No more excuses. Just play hockey! Vancouver’s best players need to play their best tonight. The third and fourth lines are working hard. Luongo has saved their asses on numerous occasions. Now, Hendrik, Daniel, Mats, Alex, Taylor, Kevin, have to play their best game. The defence needs to move up and shoot, the whole team needs to shoot more. Most of all they have to play as the team they are. Look what the Rockets did…learn from it!


It is great to live in BC but, tonight was almost too much pressure. Trying to watch the Canucks vs Chicago game and the Kelowna vs Calgary game at the same and not spill your beer was a challenge. First off, we are overwhelmed by the Kelowna Rockets winning game 6 in overtime with Barre’s goal to move the Rockets on to the Memorial Cup series on May 15th. It is a WHL record for a team to do what Kelowna did giving they were 24 points behind Calgary in the season standings. Flames out…Hitmen golfing…I am sure they are not as happy in Calgary as we are in BC.

The Canucks however choke me. Too many penalties in the last two games and both games were lost with goals by Chicago after bad plays of the Canucks clearing the puck out of their own end. They have to play the game they can in Chicago on Monday or they will be out and golfing too.

We have had some really good days here in BC for awhile now but this morning was not the best for us. The Canucks lost one in overtime to Chicago. Yes the score was 1-0 for the Canucks right up to only a little over 2 minutes left in the game when Chicago scored one goal caused by a bad decision on clearing the puck out of the Canucks zone. The Canucks made a bad play and paid. Chicago got the overtime winner. It will  be a good series for sure.

The Kelowna Rockets have now lost their 2nd straight game to the Calgary Hitmen and now only lead the series 3-2. This one could be a long series too.

If you have not seen this disgusting video clip of the absolute way not to control your temper on the ice have a look at Tomas Surovy show you. They are saying he was trying to hit the net with his stick. I don’t believe that. The goalie, Jaroslav Halak’s, just let in the 8th goal to the Czech team.

Definitely a Bad Order

The Canucks needed to win at least one game in Chicago but, only winning the first one is bigger than only winning the second in my opinion. They needed to be able to tighten things up, not let Chicago get wound up, and not let the defence get their powerful shots away like in the past two games.  Luongo played great, the defence played tight, and the fore checking was never-ending. Chicago just did not have a chance to wind up as they were able to in the first two games. I am looking forward to Thursday nights game. It is good to see Pyatt back…he played well tonight.


The Rockets defeated the Calgary Hitmen 2-0 tonight at Prospera Place in Kelowna, BC. If they win the next game they could win the cup here at home in the Okanagan. Who would have thought the Hitmen would lose three straight. Not me for one. Go Rockets Go!

Bad Order

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