It is great to live in BC but, tonight was almost too much pressure. Trying to watch the Canucks vs Chicago game and the Kelowna vs Calgary game at the same and not spill your beer was a challenge. First off, we are overwhelmed by the Kelowna Rockets winning game 6 in overtime with Barre’s goal to move the Rockets on to the Memorial Cup series on May 15th. It is a WHL record for a team to do what Kelowna did giving they were 24 points behind Calgary in the season standings. Flames out…Hitmen golfing…I am sure they are not as happy in Calgary as we are in BC.

The Canucks however choke me. Too many penalties in the last two games and both games were lost with goals by Chicago after bad plays of the Canucks clearing the puck out of their own end. They have to play the game they can in Chicago on Monday or they will be out and golfing too.