May 2009

I was trying to be funny and poking fun at Chicago when I posted last night after watching Vancouver beat Chicago 5-3. However, being fair Chicago maybe young but they are super talented and fast. They have lots to learn but the rest of the teams in the NHL better watch out for Chicago over the next few years. Besides, they have at least 4 players from BC. That is a good start to a good team.


April 30/09 – Canucks 5 Blackhawks 3

Yes, I know my friend is cheering for the wrong team, and  the hockey and the fishing and the beer are not quite as good in Chicago as in BC. But, hey this guy, Craig “Meathead” Goldwyn, has a great site about BBQ cooking and is loaded with information and recipes. If the Hawks could move the puck the way Meathead moves the coals around in his BBQ, putting the puck past Luongo would taste as good to the folks in Chicago as Meatheads ribs and recipes taste to us in BC. It is going to be a great series (Canucks will win in 6). But, please check out You will be really glad you did because it is a very full and rich site. Someday I hope Craig makes his way up to the Okanagan so I may take him fishing.


The Canucks came out full force and the Hawks took two periods to find their way in the game but, they are young and full of fire and tied the game in the third. However, Vancouver got out of playing it safe to get the win and back to their game. Salo being the defenseman he is moved up and got the rebound with just over a minute to go in the third period making the score 4-3 for the Canucks (I was watching the game on my computer and working with my new Canucks mouse to try to move Salo up and I think it worked). Johnson put in the empty netter to make the final 5-3. Tomorrow night it is the Rockets taking on the Hitmen. Spring is good for warm weather, cold beer, and the playoffs.


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