August 2009


Maybe he likes his insects and critter well done! Domesticated bird. Fire is at Notch Hill in Shuswap, BC. I have friends living there and I am sure they are not happy about this fire threatening their homes. The birds fine.


Kelly Fire

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The heat wave, smoke, and fires, do not want to stop in BC this summer. To make matters worse you have more employees of Dumb Inc. lighting fires intentionally. I have heard and seen some pretty stupid and mindless behaviour in my life. But, lighting a forest fire in a Province (your home dumb shit) already ablaze and out of control is for sure near the top of the list. Don’t do it asshole, and if you can’t help yourself please jump into the next fire after you light it so it will not happen again by you.



Castanet Photo

Well, the Okanagan Valley is filled with smoke once again. The smoke is so thick today the end of a block is hard to see and the light has been orange all day. It is supposed to stay this way for a few days. There are so many fires in the Thompson-Okanagan and the smoke is trapped in the valley. It was forecasted to be 36 – 37 degrees today but the smoke has kept it in the cool low 30’s..

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Remember the Winnipeg Jets who are now the Phoenix Coyotes and may come back to Canada if the team goes to the highest bidder, a Canadian? Did the NHL make a bid to keep the Jets in Canada or the Nordiques in Quebec? No, no, no! Why not? Now one team has a chance to come back to Canada where they may actually make money and the NHL wants to stop it.

The Coyotes never have and never will make money in Phoenix. They don’t have the fan base there. In fact, when is hockey played? In the winter. Phoenix and area grows by tens of thousands during the winter with Canadians who spend their winters there. So who is going to the damn games? All American fans? Probably not. What % of the fans are Canadians? Anyone know? Let me know.


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People in the Notch Hill area of the Shuswap are on notice to leave their homes if the order comes. Notch Hill is near Sorrento BC on Shuswap Lake. The winds are not going to be cooperating according to weather predictions. The fire season should be starting to slow down but this year it is not. There are 100’s of fires still burning in BC. For more info check out:

Let’s try this again. I was supposed to be in the Computer Graphics Design Program beginning July 27th. However, they moved the start date to September 14th. All the paperwork is done and I am going to school. I am just as excited in my young age now as I was in Grade 1. I am beginning my portfolio website to place some of my existing work up on it. I will be adding and changing as I go. wish me Luck.



Well, the Terrace Mountain Fire seems to not want to go away. High winds, heat, and dryness, did not help yesterday as the fir grew another few hundred hectares. Fortunately it spread east  away from homes and structures. Where is the rain we were promised?


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