August 2009


This is our sunset tonight in Kelowna as the Terrace Mountain fire flares up again. Evacuated people had to head south on Westside Road since the north road is closed. One problem. There are no hotel rooms for the 1000’s of evacuated people. From our view it also looks like the West Kelowna fire(s) are throwing off a bunch more smoke as well. All smoke is heading north so Vernon should once again be covered in ash. I will try to report the latest but remember to check out.

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All the residents let to back home two days ago were re-evacuated from Valley of the Sun and Fintry High areas. I questioned why they were let back home two days ago when things were still so unstable. Well, they are not home tonight and the smoke fills the air in Kelowna once again.  Click on the photo above to go to and go to for updates. Rain would be nice. I can’t afford all this beer. Will keep you updated as the wildfires continues.


Well, it is not getting any cooler here. We had one torrential rainstorm last Saturday which is the only rain we have seen for a long time. The big fires are somewhat under control but there are still 20 or so fires starting everyday in BC. This is not going to get better since it is just hot and dry. In Kelowna we have been sitting between 35 and 40 degrees everyday. Bella Coola hit 42 yesterday, Port Alberni hit 40, even Whitehorse has hit 37. Wow. A day or two of rain would be nice, with no lightning. It is so dry out there in the forests this beautiful summer could turn into a nightmare. Please be careful out there everyone and those of you who work for Dumb Inc., talk to your boss and ask them to leave this province, go somewhere wetter.


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