September 2009

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Andrea gave me the Canucks jersey on top for my birthday this year. The one on the bottom I won in a contest  last year. Now if we can ever afford to go to a Canucks game we may go fully dressed. One of these years. Looking forward to the season this year and predict the Canucks to go to the final round.


A gift from Andrea for my birthday 2009


An awesome clock given to me by my wife, Andrea, for my birthday 2009. It has a collection of the jerseys through the history of the team since 1970. The Canucks are looking hot in the  preseason with a strong defence who can handle the puck, skate, and let bullets go from the blueline. With Luongo in the net this year has to be the best defence the Canucks have ever had. Picking the best to stay will be the hard part since money will not allow the best to all stay. This could be a very good year for the Canucks

I was working on my computer this morning when I heard an earth shattering bang which made me jump. The power went out and my UPS system began beeping. I ran to the window and saw a big puff of smoke at the top of the power pole. From the smoke black feathers were falling. Yes, a crow had shorted the power system out and left only his feathers behind. It’s times like these that makes you happy to have a good UPS system. Bye Crow!

Some people have never heard of this browser. It is called Seamonkey. It is very similar to Netscape Navigator and I believe that some of the writers of Navigator are involve. It is very fast and easy to use. You can access email accounts and newsgroups in a separate window while in the browser. You can create or edit web pages in Composer. If you are a web designer it is a good browser to view the pages you are creating. It is worth having a look at. Seamonkey



A very exciting game to watch. Jays were up 11-0. I had to do something for 30 minutes and came back to a 11-10 score. Now I was worried but the Jays played an excellent game to win 18-10. Lind played solid with 8 RBI. I have felt for the Jays the last month. It’s not that they played really bad. Just lost steam and could not finish a game off with a win. Lots of close games but not many wins. Blue Jays