October 2009

It was hard for me to watch the second and third period last night as the Canucks fell apart. The first period looked good and they ended it at 2-1 in their favor. However, things just fell apart after that. Yes, the Ducks got some breaks. And yes, there were a few penalties which should have been called. The truth is the Canucks lost it as a team and were not able to come back. In my opinion, the Ducks won the game with effective fore-checking and playing as a team. Come on guys, lets see a little better effort next game.



The score should have been higher, like 6 – 1 for the Canucks over the Wild but it was a win. The Canucks played a lot tighter than they have been. A few mistakes but a lot better. I believe they outshot the Wild 39 to 18. It was the Wild’s goaltending that kept them in the game. Luongo is still a bit shaky but performed much better last night. Only playing on game in 9 days also makes it hard to keep the beat and rhythm going. Tomorrow should be a good game against the Oilers




While the game was low scoring it was fun to watch to Canucks playing solid. They out shot the Wild about 40 to 18. The goaltender saved the Wild from looking worse. It is hard to only play 1 game in 9 days and have the intensity a team does who has just played 5 games. Hey, the Canuck will be winning the Stanley Cup this year though most do not see it now. Give me some feedback.

Ken Bateman


Ian Bateman and the North Okanagan Legends won Silver in Field Lacrosse at the tournament in Kelowna BC Thanksgiving weekend. The lost the Gold metal to New Westminster after 2 periods of overtime and 2 periods of Sudden Death periods. The Legends and all teams should be proud of the way they played. Thanks for all the people who made this happen and the fans.

No, the game against Calgary was not a win. Yes, Luongo let in 3 goals on 7 shots. Yes, the Canucks looked half a sleep during the first 1/3 of the game. However, in the end the Flames were lucky to win. Vancouver kept on getting fasted and more together as a team as the game progressed. Kippy won the game for the Flames. Enjoy winning a game against the team who is going to win the Stanley Cup this year! We are all Canucks!