June 2010


It was a warm summer day in the Okanagan to graduate today. The decision to go back to school to begin doing something I love to do has all been more than worth it. It was great to see the classmates at the Delta Grand Okanagan Resort and talk about the things we are doing now and where we are heading in our career.Thanks to my classmates, instructors, Vancouver Career College, and most of all my family and friend.


I am very busy doing work for people and businesses now, but as I work for others I am also working on my own project, which is Boo Graphics and Web Design. I plan to have it completed by the end of July.


Ian, my son, just got a new bike for performing his tricks and jumps. He loves it. However, on June 22 Ian took a jump on his new bike and when he hit the ground the bike took one bounce and the the back tire came off the ground. When the back of the bike came down again it had no back wheel. Ian didn’t know that since it was behind him. He landed on his face and has some damage but will be ok. What saved him from it being worse, he was wearing a helmet (hint, hint, hint). So the bike and Ian are fine and lessons have been learned.