I grew up in Smithers, British Columbia playing hockey with teammates who were able to play in the NHL. I attended hockey schools in the summer with coach’s like Johnny Bucyk, Jim Harrison, Joe Watson. Bobby Orr would show up in Smithers once in awhile in Smithers during the summer since Joe Watson, who’s hometown was Smithers, were good friends playing together for the Boston Bruins. So why when the Boston Bruins are one of my favourite NHL teams would I be wishing for the Tampa Bay Lightning to play the Vancouver Canucks in the Stanley Cup finals?

The white towel which you see at Vancouver games began in 1982 when Vancouver was playing the Chicago Blackhawks in the playoffs and coach, Roger Neilson, who believed the refereeing sucked, put a white towel on the end of a hockey stick and waved it in the the air to surrender to the refs.

After coaching in Vancouver Roger moved on to the Tampa Bay Lightning where he coached the expansion team with the same positive drive that almost won him the Stanley Cup in Vancouver. Roger Neilson died of cancer and never did win the Stanley Cup. Wouldn’t it be nice to see two teams who love him, do battle for the Stanley Cup. Yeah!

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