August 2011

As of October 1st this is our new home. It is an a old farm house about 100 years old and has been renovated. It has about 2 acres of property around it. The house has a large deck, lots of big trees, a small shop where I can work on my boat. There is a horse pasture next door and the horses pop their heads over the fence to say hi. Love it!

We are packing now and will begin to move stuff out to the house mid-September.

Keep you posted with the development of a larger  

shop which is maybe going to happen next summer.

This emblem is all I have to tell me the name of the boat. Who made them, I don’t know. I have searched the web and asked questions in forums but no luck. Anyone’s insight will be much appreciated

Bad Order

My next restoration project is this 14 foot Mondetta Sport. I believe it was built in the late 60’s or early 70’s. The boat is solid, strong , and clean, and will be fast and a sharp looking boat in the end. I will be powering it with a 1958 Mercury Mark 28AD. Eventually I want to find another Mark 28 and run twins. The transom needs rebuilding but the boat was well designed and the repair is pretty straight forward. While I know the name of this model I have no idea who the manufacturing company was. I have searched and found nothing. Someone with knowledge of this boat and who manufactured it will be greatly appreciated.

Andrea took the boat up to Ideal Lake in the Okanagan after I finished restoring it. We had an awesome campsite right on the lake and this is a shot from it. We had four relaxing days out there and both Andrea and I caught some nice Rainbow trout.

This is the twelve footer I have had for about 10 years and I restored it this year. I have some top-notch 8.5 ft oars I use for travelling and trawling. I have been rowing boats since I was 4 years old living in Prince Rupert.

Ken Bateman 
Kelowna, BC


I bought a 1958 Mercury Mark AD last weekend for my old 1970’s 14ft boat. The boat has a metal flake paint job. The mercury runs and has super compression but need a little tune up work. It came with the controls and the AD model is the only Mark 28 with Dyna Float suspension. The motor produces 22hp. It also has an auto transmission. I think the motor and the boat will make a nice pair. It should push the boat up to 20 mph or so. It’s in the back of my mind that a pair of these motors on the transom would be really cool and fast.

Anyone with information or suggestions 

are welcome to contribute