November 2011

Getting your septic tank pumped out is usually a matter of digging down to the hatch, the septic truck comes out and pumps it out, and you fill in the hole again which you will not have to dig for another few years. That is if you know where the septic tank is. If you don’t know where it is, it can be a bit of a mystery. To add to the enjoyment, if there is an old tank which is no longer used and you get some misinformation about location, the fun only gets better. I dug 4 holes over a weeks time before I finally found the correct location. As you can see from the photo above, the correct spot is marked and I will be laying down some stone blocks and a bench to mark this location so I never need to work that hard again.

Steel latch plate of door securityThe first task to be done was the entrance doors and locks. The first door was the front door. The hardware in the door was cheap and the hole for it was cut too big. I removed the old hardware and cut 16 gauge metal plates with the correct hole size. I did some work to the jamb and the latch and lock now look good and are secure.

The door into the back porch was latched with a simple external deadbolt which was hard to open and close. I removed this and cut two metal plates with the correct sized hole, installed new hardware, and reworked the jamb. The door now works well and looks much better. There are other doors in the house which need attention and I will do eventually.


The articles in the Farm House category are about a 100 year old farm house we live in and the property it is on. It may include some of it’s history and area which surrounds it. This info is available for two main reasons. Number 1, it is such a beautiful home to live in and is full of history. Number 2, it gives the owners of the house and property full access to see and understand the work and care we put into the home and land.

The beginning articles will not be in tune with the time they were done or happened since I am beginning to build this today but need to catch up on what has been done in the previous two months since we moved in.

For those who view this site please enjoy the photos and articles. For the owners, please know that we love living here and your house and property is being cared for as if it were our own.


Getting ready for winter on the farm. Took this shot on the way home. It was taken with my FinePix S1800 digital camera at 64 ISO, 1/250, 180mm. Working in the shop downstairs today and will later be outside raking up the rest of the leaves and doing some more work on the wiring and heat in the shop.

Bad Order

Watching the game last Saturday against the Capital with the Canucks 7-4 win and tonight as they lead the Flames 5-0 going into the third period makes me feel like we have the top team in the league back again. Watching Higgins and Hodgson get their goal is revealing the true depth of the Canucks. Calgary needs to smarten up it’s defence and maybe look for a new coach. It’s too old and been dragging a wheel in the mud for too long.

Bad Order


It’s nice relaxing in a living room with endless stories. The 10’ ceiling and a huge bay window give you comfort with lots of space.