i960_image_600 The i960 is one of the best printers I’ve owned and used. I bought mine in 2003 and it still prints like the first day. However, during our move to the farm this year I was so busy I did not use it for about 3 month. When I fired it up I had plugged heads.

The first thing I did while I may not have had to, was to replace all cartridges in the printer with new ones and did a software nozzle clean. All worked except for black and cyan. I did a couple more cleans and the black cleared itself, but not the cyan.

Last resort, pull all the cartridges out, flip the print head retainer and remove the head. I used isopropyl alcohol and Q-tips to clean inside tank intake area. Then I use the iso with foam tips to clean the the heads themselves. I flipped the head back and forth to clean inside with the Q-tips and outside with the foam tips until the color was  pretty clear. After that cleanup I used the foam tip and iso to clean the electrical contacts.

I put the head unit back in the carrier, put in the tanks, closed the lid and went into software maintenance where I did a quick clean and nozzle check. Still not quite clear so I did a deep clean and all heads were printing correctly. Next I did an alignment on the heads and we are back to normal and the i960 prints like it always has.

Always print a page every week or two even if you are not using your printer during a period of time and you will prevent what I went through. I have always preached that but this is one time I did not follow my own orders.

Any questions about this procedure please contact me. By the way if your i960 head is toast you are still able to buy them from Canon, the price I am not sure of but I think it’s about $100. Not too bad to save a fantastic printer.