March 2012

Vote and help make West Kelowna Hockeyville 2012. You have until midnight Tuesday March 20th to vote as many times as you want.

I voted for them and I am very happy to see West Kelowna in the top 5 for Kraft Hockeyville. Andrea and I stayed at the Best Western in West Kelowna 2 weeks ago and the air was alive with Hockeyville. Don’t forget to vote for them next round.

Bad Order

1400_fra-bbr_690x460[1] I owned a Canon i960 for over ten years and it was the best printer I ever owned. It was calibrated to my monitor and Photoshop and always produced photo prints which were truly awesome. Unfortunately, after printing 1000’s of photos it’s day were over.

This time I went out and bought an Epson Stylus Photo 1400 and I really love this baby. The price was exceptional for the quality of printer it is. It is wide format and prints 13’”x19” and every size under this size as well as 13”x44”. It also prints on CD/DVDs.

I use this printer for photos only as I have a durable HP Office Jet 6310 which does regular workload and prints near laser quality. If you are looking for a good photo printer but can’t spend $1000.00 have a look at the 1400 which you can find for $300.00 or maybe less. You won’t regret it.

Bad Order

ozzy_liona_boyd_bhills_800Two of my favorite artists in the 1970’s, despite their  extreme opposite edges of a musical range. This photo is in Beverly Hills when Leona Boyd and Ozzy owned homes next to each other. What is the range, Sweet Leaf.

Bad Order

Andrea and I stayed at the Best Western in West Kelowna last weekend and it was buzzing with Hockeyville

people. BW provided the space for them to have the volunteer staff to answer the phones while people voted. You have until 9pm March 6 to help West Kelowna become Hockeyville!