April 2012

It’s beautiful living out in the country but the time it takes to push the lawnmower and shovel snow each year is much. Well I got an incredible deal on this new Poulan tractor and I love it.

It’s going to make these labor intense jobs a little bit easier and it has the essential beer can holder. I’ll either buy a blade and modify it to fit and work or I will build my own from scratch.

I can hardly wait for the first time I need to cut the grass which will be this weekend.

I got the gazebo base settled and level and organised the parts for set up. I had to trim a couple of spruce tree branched to give me the room to set up the gazebo.

The gazebo has metal railings and tempered glass inserts. The stairs have metal railings. The roof has a 2’x10’ sunlight.

As I go through the week I will get the roof on and do the fine levelling. When I run the stone walkway out to the gazebo I will run electricity to it. The hammock will be going on the left hand side. Yeah, summer is coming.

Winters are not rough and tough in the Okanagan Valley area of British Columbia. However, this winter seemed way to long. It’s nice to get warm days again, work in the yard and garden, and take photos of an active sky behind a dark barn as the sun goes down and closes a great day.

My nest project is to build the gazebo and stone path.Then the garden.

Go Canucks Go!

Bring my Spring in with a Stanley Cup!