August 2012

There is 8 bolts which fasten the luggage rack to the trunk area (no trunk) of the Vette. Unfortunately, not all bolts were holding anything. 3 of the 8 bolts were holding the whole rack. The other bolts were actually wood screws kept in place with silicone. No rubber gaskets were use and it was just bare metal directly on the fibreglass. Not a good move. Metal washers which were too big were used.

A heavy suitcase or two tied down to this rack while you cruised down the highway would seem nice until you hit a good bump at 80 or 100 mph and your rack and luggage went flying off the car.



When you fasten the interior of a car you should make sure your screw is not too long or you end up with cracks and holes or high spots in the body as is the case above.



This is the left and right side. As you can see the left looks like it is mounted correctly, but it’s not, and the right looks incorrectly mounted. Neither one is and in the photo below you can see how these were held on. Wow!

Below is the overspray and mess behind these.


This is a photo of the day the 77’ Corvette Sting Ray was driven to my new shop which was in the works. This car is in very good condition but it had some bad work done to it by someone in a hurry, not properly trained, or both. It is now my job to make this car look the way it should with a happy owner behind the wheel.


It was such a good game to watch today but so sad to see Canada’s chance of a gold metal go down the drain because of piss poor officiating. There call surprised everyone and the USA can thank the refs for that game.–london-2012-canada-loses-4-3-to-us-in-olympic-soccer-semifinal

This fall and next Spring we will be conditioning the soil more but we are quite happy with the production of the garden this year. We were rushed to get the garen in this year and did not have time to work the soil a bit more. There is lots of clay which we added peat moss and manure to. Next year will be much better.


No, I don’t have a big shop like I would like to have but, I have made the best of what I have now. My little shop with the Shelter Logic shelter end to end give me over 40’ of useable space where I can work and make enough money to be able to afford to build a nice new big shop.

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