September 2012

This is how the tail lights were mounted

After a fair amount of modification and fabrication of brackets they tail lights look as they should. Next posting I will include a photo or two of the fabricated brackets in place.

This is two photos of the brackets fabricated with fibreglass to mount the lights. These are trimmed to desired length to accommodate the light.

The next big project is making the front spoiler fit.


Old and damaged holes through the fibreglass left me the decision to repair the entire area and begin with new holes and fasteners to hold down the luggage rack.

There were two holes/cracks on the the roof where someone used screws too long and cracked the glass. I re-glassed these areas.

The area around the rear window had cracks and chipped which I repaired. The window needs to be sealed properly which I will deal with down the road.

The seats have been removed and I am working on/cleaning up the interior and electrical. One seat needs repair and both need to be cleaned up and lubed.



Vancouver Canucks President & General Manager Mike Gillis announced today that the Canucks have re-signed left wing Alex Burrows to a four year deal.

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