December 2012

Kelowna Rockets did it again and are now only 2 points behind the Kamloops Blazers. They will be playing Everett tomorrow and I will be there to watch them win.

The Rockets played a team game for 60 minutes and frustrated the Blazers. The Blazers got angry and began taking stupid penalties which helped them to lose the game. I am just glad I was not on the bus home to Kamloops after that game. The Rockets are now within 4 points of Kamloops.


Go Rockets go!

We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year. I feel like this coming year will be one of our best.

I took this photo before anyone was up this morning. The blue color light is from the blue LED bulbs on the tree. The fire is going in the newly installed pellet stove.

Ken – Boo Graphics

Took out the ugly old blue blinds and installed some two layer cellular no cord blinds. The beauty of it is they blend in with the wall color very well and give a comfortable light in the room. Even more beautiful of these blinds is the price, which I am not going to tell you. Merry Christmas.


A photo of myself taking a photo of the blind.

and Happy New Year!


Tile being put down on floor board and back splash. Tile is porcelain rough/uneven surface tile.

Piping is done and the first fire is lit. This stove has no problem heating this place.

The exhaust and air intake are done to British Columbia code and ready for inspection

I purchased a pellet stove for the old farm house and have been doing the renovation with porcelain tile work and changing the back wall but first I had to remove the old bookcase. This was more work than one would have thought at first look. The bookcase had to be jacked out of the recess in the floor.


Floor/hearth layout after the bookcase was removed. Fire code approved board was put down after removal of carpet and floor levelling.