February 2013

I installed Text + app for my Android tablet and think it works well. Sending and receiving texts works well. Text + to Text + can be made free any where. Calls to phones without Text + can be made to Canada, US, and Mexico for 2 .3 cents a minute. Great app.

I was looking forward to watching the Rockets and Winterhawks game, even though I was to miss a Canucks game against the Flames. I should have stayed home and watched the Canucks, the Rockets sucked and it was 5-0 for the Hawks when I left 5 minutes before the game ended. Lots of mistakes and Rockets paid for every one.

Bad order

The Rockets back to back against the Portland Winter Hawks in Kelowna  should be some of the best games in the WHL this season. The good part is that I get to go tomorrow night. I’m going to miss the Calgary  – Vancouver  game, maybe I will be watching the better hockey. I love the Canucks, but some of tomorrows NHL stars play for the Rockets and the Winter Hawks today. I am taking Jodi, my stepdaughter, to the game with me. I think a Rocket is going to hit a Hawk!

Bad Order

Rockets are going for 23 games @ home without a loss. Last loss was Oct 2. They play the Giants tomorrow and need to play their best since the best doesn’t always mean you win. Vancouver (last place in the league) has given the Rockets 1 of 2 of their losses in the last 6 weeks. I predict 3 -2 win for the big D’art tonight. We are all canucks!

Bad Order