December 2013


The Okanagan is known for it’s warm sunny days and easy winters. You won’t feel that way this last week. It went down to about -20C last night and we have a high of -13C today. The good news is it will be getting warmer after today. Still hard to believe it is warmer in Whitehorse than it is in Kelowna.


The Kelowna Rockets win again beating Silvertips 3-1. This moves the Rockets within two points of the Portland Winterhawks for first place overall in the WHL. The Rockets have only lost three games this season so far and are the team to watch.

The Vancouver Canucks beat the Coyotes 3-2 in a hard fought game. They are climbing up the ladder in points and gaining as well. They play two games back to back Sunday and Monday and have a chance to gain more ground against two good teams.

The Vancouver Canucks beat Nashville 3-1. Keeler had two goals again and was the driving force.

The Kelowna Rockets beat the Vancouver Giants 4-3 and put them very close to the top team in the WHL.

Keep on playing hard.

The duct from the heat shed worked great but now that the temp has dropped and winds are more prominent a lot of the heat was radiating off duct.

This has made a huge difference in the shop temp and I am able to get the temp in shop up to 65-70 degrees easily.

The duct system is covered with 1″ Styrofoam.|VAN|home

Yes a boring game, but a win. Kesler and Lack kept the game solid and consistent. We’ll see what they do in Nashville.

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