October 2014

It was a great weekend in BC if you like sports. The BC Lions, Kelowna Rockets, and the Vancouver Canucks, all won their games.Vancouver Whitecaps are on their way to the playoffs. Wow, it’s great to live in British Columbia, Canada.

wpid-photo-52.JPGhorsesIt’s pretty busy around the farm house during the summer with lots of polo activity. A couple of guys come up from Argentina every year to help out. well, the season is over and the guys are back in Argentina. All the hay has been taken from the fields and the horses are free to enjoy grazing with lots of room to cruise. Time for winter again. In 6 months it will happen all over again. Boy, I love living here.

We had an awesome summer and fall in the Okanagan Valley this year. It’s hard to believe it is mid October and we still are having days with temperatures in the 20’s. It has worked out well since this year has been so busy it allows me to catch up. My son, Ian, is coming out today to help me work the rototiller and get the garden ready for the winter. once that’s finished I have to work on getting the rest of the firewood split and in the building next to the shop which heats the shop I the winter.

we have been working the garden for the last three years and by next year it should be in the condition we want it. it has taken a bit of work since of the high amount of clay. Today we will be running the ’tiller through it once and then adding composted soil, loose soil, peat moss, and some sand, some bone meal, and ’tilling it again. This should loosen the soil up some more. Next spring I will be adding manure and tilling again. Should be a great and more workable garden next year. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving day yesterday. It’s almost winter and time to get in tune with the upcoming festive season. Oh no, more money.