August 2016

I have been working on the trailer and finishing off work on boat. I am now ready to go fishing when I get back from Alberta, yeah!

Andrea and I are flying to Alberta today to spend some time with Andrea’s family. I will be a great time with a little time to relax. This I am looking forward to. It’s even a more special day since August 16, 2001 was the day my son, Brenden, was born. Brenden life here has passed and he is now in a much better place. Today I remember all our time together and remember all the lessons he had to share. He left us way too soon, he would be 15 today, but as the poem I wrote for him says it all, “He was just a Little Boo with a job to do.” Miss you Brenden. I like to watch Shrek on August 16th each year and I feel you. Today I don’t have time to but I sure feel you. Love you son.

image044image006Visit Brenden’s site at,



Fabricated hitch for trailer ball on the old pickup and ready to pull. When I get back from Alberta will be mounting lights on trailer.

trailer_ball_on_truck_400Let’s go Fishin’

I have been working on the boat for awhile and it is finished, ready for the water.

finished_boat_ff_battery_400The fish finder transducer mount I fabricated for quick and easy setup and removal. If coming into shore two wing nuts remove it to prevent damage. It stores beside rear seat out of the way. To hook back up only takes a few seconds.

finished_boat_400The fish finder is mounted on the front seat and may be turned to view from anywhere in boat. The battery is in a small box under the bow. The battery is connect with small clips. If I need to attach to a large battery I made adapters which have clamps so they may be connected to a regular battery.

The seat may be placed on either bench seat facing either way. Going fishin’ real soon.

Painted the seats, bow, and trim today. Getting ready for the water now.

finished_boat_front_450I will be setting up the trailer towing on the S10 before I go to Alberta next week and the boat will be ready for fishing when I get back.

finished_boat_rear_450The seat may be moved to either seat and face either ways. Let’s go Fishin’

I have been working on my 12 foot boat for awhile since I have booked some time in my own shop to do something for myself. I will be doing other projects this fall but wanted some time in my shop for myself.

primed_hull_boatRepaired all fiberglass on hull and built up keel depth. Filled, primed, and ready for paint.

blue_hull_boatHull painted and now moving to the interior and trim. I prepped and painted seats and bow yesterday and will be posting later.I have also put a movable seat on a mount which allows the seat to be put in various locations.