Ken Bateman from Kelowna BC Canada. Kelowna is in the beautiful Okanagan Valley where some of the best wine and ice wine are made. There is some great fishing in the thousands of lake in the interior of BC. Five years ago my life began to change in a big way. I lost a two year old son at Christmas 2003. The following years I was beaten almost to death and robbed in my own home. I lost most everything I had worked for while I recovered. Hey, I am still going forward. If you want to comment or ask questions please do.

One Response to “About”

  1. Greetings from Port Townsend.

    I write a rail blog based on my memories of my first contact with rail photography back in 1957 at Prince Rupert. I recently ran across a blog site with wreck photos, that led me here. I have a photo I’d like to send you, marked “J.Bateman” taken in the cab of CNR 9082A in 1959. I am curious to learn if you are a “relative.”

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