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Andrea and I are flying to Alberta today to spend some time with Andrea’s family. I will be a great time with a little time to relax. This I am looking forward to. It’s even a more special day since August 16, 2001 was the day my son, Brenden, was born. Brenden life here has passed and he is now in a much better place. Today I remember all our time together and remember all the lessons he had to share. He left us way too soon, he would be 15 today, but as the poem I wrote for him says it all, “He was just a Little Boo with a job to do.” Miss you Brenden. I like to watch Shrek on August 16th each year and I feel you. Today I don’t have time to but I sure feel you. Love you son.

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Potted the rose cuttings into soil and pot yesterday. Looking good. The original rose goes back 100 years when my grandfather gave his wife some roses. Clippings have been taken through the years. I took these about 5 weeks ago.

100 year old rose keeps living

100 year old rose keeps living

Keeps on growing

Keeps on growing


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A great grandfather on my mothers side of the family gave his wife some roses 100 years ago. She made some cuttings and they survived. Over the last 100 years different family members have made cuttings and the rose still grows, I was at a Bateman family reunion in Nanaimo this year and took five cuttings. Put them in a container, covered them in plastic to keep moisture in and brought them home. One month later three of them are producing new growth. Live on.

three_rosesI used gel rooting compound and put cuttings into peat pellets.

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