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corona_tree My wife Andrea’s brother put some Corona bottles neck down in the soil in our garden last Spring. We didn’t see them until after he left town. When Andrea asked him why he did it he said,” I’m hoping it will grow beer plants.” Well, it did. Her brother and wife will be in town today so they can help with the harvest.

corona_tree_3We’ll plant more next year.

Smoke doesn’t bother me much but the smoke in the Okanagan Valley the last couple days has. My throat is a bit sore. Less energy too.

Smokey Okanagan morning 2015

Smokey Okanagan morning 2015

It’s smoke to the ground, inside and out in Kelowna. Sensitive people must leave the valley.

It was supposed to be 28 degrees today but never was. It was so smokey from the wildfires in Washington, Idaho. and BC, that the sun never got through. My throat is sore from breathing smoke all day.

kelowna_smoke_2015smokey_valley_2015wildfire_smoke_2015I hope the wind moves it away somewhat for tomorrow. However, I guess someone else be just getting it. Been a long hot summer in the Okanagan and most places. we are 2 weeks or more in advance of our regular harvesting in the garden. Check out Castanet for up to date wildfire awareness in BC/Okanagan

On the way to work this morning at 5:30am I could see the sky turning red. I wanted to find a place to stop and get a photo.

Okanagan red clouds

Okanagan red clouds

Well I did find a place to stop in time and happy with the photos

Okanagan red clouds with white whisper

Okanagan red clouds with white whisper

What we planted not so long ago went growing crazy while Andrea were away for two weeks.


I set all watering tasks to a multiple port timer. it worked excellent.


We have been eating some fresh veggies for awhile.


Some small red potatoes we pulled up for supper last weekend.



Some nice fresh spinach for the salad. We also have some fresh grown garlic, chives, carrots, onions, and more. It’s a bit of work to plant and look after a garden but when you have to pay so much for store bought produce it doesn’t take long to pay off and it’s fresh.


I lived in Chemainus when the theatre was being built in the mid-nineties and I wondered if it would be successful. I went to one play and enjoyed it very much. The theatre seemed to be doing well when I left. We were going to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island for a Bateman family reunion this July 3-5 so I got two tickets to Twist and Shout play and accommodation at the Best Western in Chemainus. I also got supper buffet tickets for the Play Bill dining room in the theatre. The hotel room came with a breakfast buffet. The food was totally awesome in both places and the play was the best entertainment I’ve seen for some time.


The play was about the introduction of the Beatles to North America and the invasion of British music for the next 4 years., The music of the Beatles, Dave Clark Five, Rolling Stones, Herman’s Hermits, The Hollies, and many more were in the play. his play started about a month ago and has been sold out every night. Some people have come back two or three times.If you are able to get tickets and go to this play, go, you will not regret it. If you are from out of town, book your room at the Best Western Plus Hotel, the rooms and hotel and food is spectacular.

Two  weeks ago we got almost two feet of snow in two days but, since then it’s been snow free.  However, another small dump came the other night and left us about four inches. This shot is a close up of trees covered in snow with a big chunk of ice on it.


It turned out weird with the blue it looks cool.


We have between 1 and 2 feet of snow throughout the Okanagan Valley in the last 2 days. All schools were closed today for the first time in 35 years.

We could get another 6″ tonight. Glad I got the snow blower.


Unfortunately, KPR went into receivership and the rail line between Vernon and Kelowna was shut down. I grew up when train travel was so important and train freight was what moved goods around this country. It was the railroad which built this country. I am sad that another line has died. My father was an engineer who died in a locomotive in 1978, http://www.trainwreckof78.ca, and must be sad to see railway travel ending. To read more about the history of the Rail line in the Okanagan Valley go to, http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kelowna_Pacific_Railway


The weather has been hot in the valley for the past couple of weeks, hitting 40 degrees a couple times. Many new fires in the valley as well though out BC leaves heavy smoke in the air.


They are predicting it will cool down a little this week but no sign of rain. West Kelowna has a wild fire happening now and 1500 people have been evacuated.


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