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If you love salmon try this tasty easy way to cook it on the BBQ.


I soak the cedar plank for two hours in water, pat dry it, and then smear oil on the the plank. I lay down freshly cut spinach on the board and sprinkle garlic and ginger on top. I also use dill and lemon and pepper. I then put the pieces of salmon, sprinkle some more of the garlic and ginger and seasoning and cover with more spinach. Put it on the BBC for 20 minutes and eat. You can use swiss


Yes, in case you did not know, the first Ford Mustang was 1964 1/2. I restored this one a few years ago for Mike Go go of Nanaimo and is driven by David Go go who is an awesome blues musician who has played with some of the best all over the world. He has been to Kelowna many times.


This project took me about eight months.



I am very proud of my son, Ian Scott, who graduated yesterday at Rutland Senior Secondary in Kelowna, BC. I’m proud of you Ian.


Andrea and Ian after the grad ceremony.


Ian and myself.

I believe this plant is called Elephant Ears for the shape of it when you look at it from one angle. This shot is just after a rainfall.

It’s been foggy and frosty in Kelowna BC for the last week and made for some beautiful photos. When is it going to stop. I’m not sure but the wind has picked up a bit tonight and it’s beginning to snow. That could mean a change.

So I’ll enjoy it while I can and be glad I live in British Columbia.


A frosty day on the farm today. Was able to get some good shots of the the own in the tree covered in horror frost and some macro shots of the frost.

Yes, I can hardly wait for spring but days like today are refreshing and fun with the camera.

Getting ready for winter on the farm. Took this shot on the way home. It was taken with my FinePix S1800 digital camera at 64 ISO, 1/250, 180mm. Working in the shop downstairs today and will later be outside raking up the rest of the leaves and doing some more work on the wiring and heat in the shop.

Bad Order


It’s nice relaxing in a living room with endless stories. The 10’ ceiling and a huge bay window give you comfort with lots of space.


It’s very nice to be living out in the country again and really nice to be living in a house which was built over 100 years ago. Wiring my shop this weekend and getting the furnace ready for winter. Next year I would like to install a good wood stove in the for our main heat and build a 1000 sq ft shop…oh yeah, money

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