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reunion-2015-posterThe Bateman Family Reunion has been in the works for a few years. It finally came together this year on July 3-5. It was not a huge reunion but lots of fun for those who were there. Some had never met or not seen each other for 40 or more years. The reunion was in Nanaimo, BC at Tony and Diana Wright’s home. A beautiful home out in country.

wright-house-2reunion-2015There was a beach volleyball court, badminton net, horseshoe pits, ping pong table, and lots of other games with prizes. The food was constant and delicious.

zoey-cathy-shirley-3reunion-2015-5reunion-2015-4reunion-2015-ansestoryCoralynn Teichrib has been working on Bateman ansestory for many years and was presented at the reunion. It was down right awesome and the result of a ton of work, Coralynn plans to host the next Bateman reunion in 3 years. There will be some more postings here at and there will be a page and gallery at There will be a directory where photos and info can be uploaded or downloaded. I will post here when it is ready. Any member of the Bateman family or someone interested please leave a message on this page, go to the forum at or, email me at

It was impossible to find the color code or list of colors for this car. to the best of my knowledge it is Dune Beige with color/shade only available in 47/48. Had to mix up color very close to it and play with the tinting.

48ford-maskedBlending made paint repair very hard to see it had been done.

48-ford-finished-outsideThe old car looks good in front of the old farm house. This time next month I will be giving the old car an entire polish. Photos will be posted.


The hull is in very good shape except for the transom which needs rebuilding. The bow deck which you can see is sagging. New oak supports and some glass work will fix this.


The transom needs some work but it’s shape is good. It has metal reinforcement. Just lots of time needed to repair.

The new project in my shop is my project and not a customers which is a change. I’ve had the Mondetta Sport for a few years but have not had the time to work on it. Overall it is in pretty good shape and solid. The transom needs rebuilding, the bow deck needs to be beefed up, and a new wood floor needs to be put down. I will post photos and such as I progress. I am trying to find out who built this boat, in which country, and when. I’ve been on forums and done many searches and found nothing. If anyone is familiar with this boat please let me know. I do know 90% of the hardware was made in Canada since it is stamp on the pieces. Below is a photo of the company ID tag. I can’t find and serial or model numbers.


This was posted by blues man from Nanaimo David Gogo while doing some gigs in Quebec. Unique.


A friend of mine bought a manufactured trailer for a reasonable price. However, there was no gusset or support on the tongue to keep it from twisting.


As you can see it would not take much to twist with an ATV and camping gear on the trailer going down a rough road.


I used 12 gage galvenized metal and cut and formed it to fit


I used bolts on the top and carriage bolts on the sides for a smooth look and feel. He should be fine now.


Not cheap, but you can feel the design and quality of this tool as soon as you turn it on. It is very comfortable to use. New brushes are easy to install from each side of the body and Mequiar’s includes an extra set of brushes. It comes with a durable and high quality canvas bag. I would recommend this polisher .

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