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If you are looking for professional Graphic Design or Web Design contact me for fair prices for professional work.


This is a photo taken into Corel Painter and turned into a painting. I am learning to paint water and oil in Photoshop and enjoying it. I use Photoshop extended and really looking forward to CS5 which is supposed to be loaded with some new tremendous features.

I have a considerable amount of work I have done and it will be online soon. I am writing the web site now and it should be completed by the end of April. Stay tuned.heffleylake_painting_webThis is a photo of Heffley Lake which I brought into Painter to produce this painting.

Yes it has been ten months of intense learning but well worth it. The Computer Graphics Program was two years of study condensed into 10 months. I now enter my 6 weeks of practicum and I have employment when that’s finished.

flower_painting_webThe project above was a photo  I  brought into Corel Painter and did my thing.

Let’s try this again. I was supposed to be in the Computer Graphics Design Program beginning July 27th. However, they moved the start date to September 14th. All the paperwork is done and I am going to school. I am just as excited in my young age now as I was in Grade 1. I am beginning my portfolio website to place some of my existing work up on it. I will be adding and changing as I go. wish me Luck.


Since you are here, come over to The Bateman Blog and have a boo at some of my photos and editing. Since I am on the subject of photos and stuff, I am looking for a copy of Adobe CS3 or CS4. If I have CS3 I will also be looking for Flash.

The Bateman Blog


Yes, finally I am one meeting away from finding out if I will get the loan to attend my Graphics Design Program. I am thinking positive and believe I am going through, even though I will be let down by rejection. I am as excited as a teenager getting into the college of their choice. Now, I just need to find my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles backpack to carry my gear. Keep you posted. This site I hope will eventually become a place to share what and how we feel. Like, wow I feel bad , too much rum last night but I created something out of this world this morning with my hangover.


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