I have been working on my 12 foot boat for awhile since I have booked some time in my own shop to do something for myself. I will be doing other projects this fall but wanted some time in my shop for myself.

primed_hull_boatRepaired all fiberglass on hull and built up keel depth. Filled, primed, and ready for paint.

blue_hull_boatHull painted and now moving to the interior and trim. I prepped and painted seats and bow yesterday and will be posting later.I have also put a movable seat on a mount which allows the seat to be put in various locations.

It’s down right awesome to see the Rolling Stones flying their own jet to Cuba to do a free concert. For many years their music was not allowed to be played on Cuban radio stations. People in Cuba listened to the Stones and traded their albums in secret.


It’s hard to believe these guys are rocking like they do after all these years. I remember Mick saying years ago the Stone’s would make albums and play live until the day they died. I’m beginning to believe this may be true. Still rockin’ and still having fun.

I have a nice bass guitar and amp. and an acoustic but needed to get a nice acoustic with good play ability and sound. The acoustic I had was an old Kay which plays not too bad but the sound just is not there. When I bought it about 10 years ago it was being use as a slide guitar and that is probably what I will do with it again.

profile_guitarThe guitar is a Profile PW-07. They were originally made in Australia and sold in Canada. This one is made in Korea. It’s like new condition. I took it to Wentworth Music in Kelowna and they did setup service on it and it is even easier to play now. The was adjusted, frets polished, fretboard oiled and buffed, and other stuff to give it a full tune up. They even vacuumed out the bag

It’s nice to play with the close action and sounds very good. If you strum it and stop the sound carries for some time. I now need to get my fingers back in shape since I haven’t played for some time.


This is the website I just completed for my sister, Diana Wright, in Nanaimo, BC. She owns and runs a professional website where kids have fun, work together, and learn. Have a look at the site and contact Diana if you live in Nanaimo area and you are looking for the best daycare in the area.


There will a WordPress Blog soon where postings may be made by parents and others.

I got this early Christmas present from Dayle, a friend of mine. It’s awesome since it goes with the blue/silver theme we have for Christmas. Thanks Dayle.


I’ve been busy working on website and graphic design. I designed this site for a woman in Alberta who is a farrier and a gold certified trainer under the coaching of Chris Irwin.




corona_tree My wife Andrea’s brother put some Corona bottles neck down in the soil in our garden last Spring. We didn’t see them until after he left town. When Andrea asked him why he did it he said,” I’m hoping it will grow beer plants.” Well, it did. Her brother and wife will be in town today so they can help with the harvest.

corona_tree_3We’ll plant more next year.

Smoke doesn’t bother me much but the smoke in the Okanagan Valley the last couple days has. My throat is a bit sore. Less energy too.

Smokey Okanagan morning 2015

Smokey Okanagan morning 2015

It’s smoke to the ground, inside and out in Kelowna. Sensitive people must leave the valley.

It was supposed to be 28 degrees today but never was. It was so smokey from the wildfires in Washington, Idaho. and BC, that the sun never got through. My throat is sore from breathing smoke all day.

kelowna_smoke_2015smokey_valley_2015wildfire_smoke_2015I hope the wind moves it away somewhat for tomorrow. However, I guess someone else be just getting it. Been a long hot summer in the Okanagan and most places. we are 2 weeks or more in advance of our regular harvesting in the garden. Check out Castanet for up to date wildfire awareness in BC/Okanagan

Potted the rose cuttings into soil and pot yesterday. Looking good. The original rose goes back 100 years when my grandfather gave his wife some roses. Clippings have been taken through the years. I took these about 5 weeks ago.

100 year old rose keeps living

100 year old rose keeps living

Keeps on growing

Keeps on growing