On the way to work this morning at 5:30am I could see the sky turning red. I wanted to find a place to stop and get a photo.

Okanagan red clouds

Okanagan red clouds

Well I did find a place to stop in time and happy with the photos

Okanagan red clouds with white whisper

Okanagan red clouds with white whisper

A fire started at 1:30 on August 13, within 1 hour it was over 800 hectars and today it is around 2500.It is slowing down a bit but lightening, thunder, and high winds are predicted. http://www.castanet.net/edition/news-story-146015-3-.htm#146015

Rock Creek wildfire 2015

Rock Creek wildfire 2015

Two more fires broke out near Oliver today. We badly need some rain in Southern BC

Upgraded Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 last week and I like it compared to 8.1. It’ more like Window XP/7 than 8.1. Some software drivers are not fully 10 ready but that shouldn’t be too long.

Upgrading to Windows 10

Upgrading to Windows 10

The upgrade/install didn’t take too long and was quite smooth.The Control Panel we are all used to seems to be gone and replaced by “Settings.” Over all, quite happy. It’s more similar to Windows XP/7 than it is to 8.1. Still waiting for some software to upgrade their drivers for Windows 10 but that shouldn’t be too long. If you have Windows 7 to 8.1 you can upgrade for free for the next year. I will post more as I learn more about Windows 10.


If you are interested in or want to contribute check out the Bateman Blog. It has lots of info about the Bateman family and growing every day. Bateman Blog

Two and a half months of extremely hot weather has put garden harvest well in advance.

15 lbs+ potatoes per plant

15 lbs+ potatoes per plant

I’m getting 15 pounds or more of potatoes per plane. Wow, I’ve got about 30 plants.

beans_2015The beans keep producing faster than we can keep up with pickling and freezing

Zukes_2015Squash varieties just keep producing

A great grandfather on my mothers side of the family gave his wife some roses 100 years ago. She made some cuttings and they survived. Over the last 100 years different family members have made cuttings and the rose still grows, I was at a Bateman family reunion in Nanaimo this year and took five cuttings. Put them in a container, covered them in plastic to keep moisture in and brought them home. One month later three of them are producing new growth. Live on.

three_rosesI used gel rooting compound and put cuttings into peat pellets.

What we planted not so long ago went growing crazy while Andrea were away for two weeks.


I set all watering tasks to a multiple port timer. it worked excellent.


We have been eating some fresh veggies for awhile.


Some small red potatoes we pulled up for supper last weekend.



Some nice fresh spinach for the salad. We also have some fresh grown garlic, chives, carrots, onions, and more. It’s a bit of work to plant and look after a garden but when you have to pay so much for store bought produce it doesn’t take long to pay off and it’s fresh.

The initial Bateman Family Blog has now been published


Still lots of design and things to work on, as well as getting photos from family members at the reunion this year. There are tons of photos to upload. If your interested please visit and contribute.


I lived in Chemainus when the theatre was being built in the mid-nineties and I wondered if it would be successful. I went to one play and enjoyed it very much. The theatre seemed to be doing well when I left. We were going to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island for a Bateman family reunion this July 3-5 so I got two tickets to Twist and Shout play and accommodation at the Best Western in Chemainus. I also got supper buffet tickets for the Play Bill dining room in the theatre. The hotel room came with a breakfast buffet. The food was totally awesome in both places and the play was the best entertainment I’ve seen for some time.


The play was about the introduction of the Beatles to North America and the invasion of British music for the next 4 years., The music of the Beatles, Dave Clark Five, Rolling Stones, Herman’s Hermits, The Hollies, and many more were in the play. his play started about a month ago and has been sold out every night. Some people have come back two or three times.If you are able to get tickets and go to this play, go, you will not regret it. If you are from out of town, book your room at the Best Western Plus Hotel, the rooms and hotel and food is spectacular.

reunion-2015-posterThe Bateman Family Reunion has been in the works for a few years. It finally came together this year on July 3-5. It was not a huge reunion but lots of fun for those who were there. Some had never met or not seen each other for 40 or more years. The reunion was in Nanaimo, BC at Tony and Diana Wright’s home. A beautiful home out in country.

wright-house-2reunion-2015There was a beach volleyball court, badminton net, horseshoe pits, ping pong table, and lots of other games with prizes. The food was constant and delicious.

zoey-cathy-shirley-3reunion-2015-5reunion-2015-4reunion-2015-ansestoryCoralynn Teichrib has been working on Bateman ansestory for many years and was presented at the reunion. It was down right awesome and the result of a ton of work, Coralynn plans to host the next Bateman reunion in 3 years. There will be some more postings here at badorder.wordpress.com and there will be a page and gallery at http://www.trainwreckof78.ca. There will be a directory where photos and info can be uploaded or downloaded. I will post here when it is ready. Any member of the Bateman family or someone interested please leave a message on this page, go to the forum at trainwreckof78.ca or, email me at boographics@outlook.com