This is the website I just completed for my sister, Diana Wright, in Nanaimo, BC. She owns and runs a professional website where kids have fun, work together, and learn. Have a look at the site and contact Diana if you live in Nanaimo area and you are looking for the best daycare in the area.


There will a WordPress Blog soon where postings may be made by parents and others.

reunion-2015-posterThe Bateman Family Reunion has been in the works for a few years. It finally came together this year on July 3-5. It was not a huge reunion but lots of fun for those who were there. Some had never met or not seen each other for 40 or more years. The reunion was in Nanaimo, BC at Tony and Diana Wright’s home. A beautiful home out in country.

wright-house-2reunion-2015There was a beach volleyball court, badminton net, horseshoe pits, ping pong table, and lots of other games with prizes. The food was constant and delicious.

zoey-cathy-shirley-3reunion-2015-5reunion-2015-4reunion-2015-ansestoryCoralynn Teichrib has been working on Bateman ansestory for many years and was presented at the reunion. It was down right awesome and the result of a ton of work, Coralynn plans to host the next Bateman reunion in 3 years. There will be some more postings here at and there will be a page and gallery at There will be a directory where photos and info can be uploaded or downloaded. I will post here when it is ready. Any member of the Bateman family or someone interested please leave a message on this page, go to the forum at or, email me at